The Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary came to Galle Sri Lanka in 1896. For more than 11 years there was only one house of S.C.J.M .in Galle . The second foundation was proposed from 1906 specially by M. Tiburce De Moll superior of Galle  Covent. In collaboration with the Jesuits, the sisters, started the work and by 1908 ,they finished the convent and the school. On 15th April ,1908 sister Josephin Helewiijn and sister Livine Van Brabant left for Matara  with four orphans in order to make last minute arrangements .

                        The sisters came from Galle by  train and reached Matara on 19th  April 1908 ,on Easter  Sunday .The Road and  Convent was decorated with more than 200 colourful flags. At the entrance of the convent  there was a beautifully decorated arch .The opening of the convent was to take place on 20th April. But due to heavy rain and the storm the ceremony was postponed to Tuesday the 21st  of April. Rt,. Rev. Dr. Van Reeth The Bishop of Galle blessed the convent and the chapel, and placed it under the patronage of Mary Immaculate. The Mudliar of Matara Mr.Jayawardena gave a speech stating the importance of Christian education . Mr. C.K. Gunaratne made the welcome speech .The registrar , Mr. Wijesinghe  offered a sum of Rs. 100/= to the superior as a collection from the catholic population of Matara. There was also a musical performance by the musicians who came from  Colombo. The first Community was consisted of  M.Armond Landtemeters, Sr. Marie Josephine ,Sr. Wilmar Walker,Sr. Winifred Cahill, Sr. Honar Philbin,Sr. Livine  Van Brabent

                        The classes of the school started on 1st of May with 20 students at the opening .By 15th of June there were 40 students. Besides some general classes , they were also taught Music and embroidery specially to the older girls .In 1910 the English school was already recognized by the state which was important in order to qualify for subsidies.

                        The number of boarders were rather too many. At the beginning of the first world war there were 82 boarders. The number decreased during the war; which brought Financial difficulties to the management of the convent. They were forced to refuse admissions of some orphans. After the war everything  became normal. In 1920’s there were more than 100 boarders .There was also a “ Cambridge class “ where pupils were prepared for the entrance examination to the Cambridge University  in England.

            Sinhalese School

                        The Sinhalease school also began on 1st of May 1908 with about 100 students; of whom 60 followed the regular classes. The Sinhalese school and the orphanage were recognized by the State in 1911  as a boarding school. This was rather an unusual decision. A special grant was attached to it. In 1911 the school was enlarged with 6 ,7and  8,forms. Because two teachers of the school had passed their exams to this highest  level.

            From 1923 onwards a kindergarten was also attached to the Sinhalese school.